NRAI Continuing Education Survey

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 1. I am a:

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Appraiser


2. Currently, I pursue continuing education in the following manner(s).

Traditional live courses where I must travel to a location

Online through the internet


3. What do you like about traditional live courses?

I feel more comfortable because it is what I am used to

I like the interaction with the instructor

It allows for networking opportunities with other professionals


4. What don’t you like in a traditional live course?

The travel requirements

The time requirements (ex. Having to take time off of work)

Sometimes, the material is covered too quickly


5. Do you feel the same value can be derived from an online course as is obtained from a traditional live course?

What is your reasoning?


6. What do you like about online continuing education?

I don’t have to travel to a location

My time requirements are reduced

It allows me to work at my own pace


7. What don’t you like about online continuing education?

I don’t fully understand and/or trust the internet

I am afraid I won’t have enough interaction with the instructor

I have tried it before and it didn’t work for me


8. If you have taken an online course in the past, who was the provider? What

influenced your decision to take it through this provider?


9. Additional comments about online vs. traditional continuing education courses.


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