Dear NRAI Members:

With the current economic situation, it seems a lot of us are facing very scary situations. Everyone is tightening their budgets these days—even for the most basic of necessities—and focusing on the more important items at the top of the list. Therefore, as a small gesture to our members, NRAI will be lowering the annual membership fee to $70.00 until further notice. This reduction will take effect October 1, 2009 and will be reflective on your next invoice.

By reducing membership fees, we hope this will allow you to keep and maintain your designation and membership instead of canceling due to other rising costs of fees and dues we are required to pay in our chosen fields. We hope you will take advantage of this reduction and continue your membership with us here at NRAI.

If you have any questions, please call the NRAI office at 440-282-7925.


Brian Schreiber
President NRAI

2009 National Residential Appraisers Institute